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Authorized Gammill Dealer 

Hello my name is Melanie Scaife. I have lived in Florida for 26 years. I learned how to quilt with my Grandma when I was a young child. For, about the last ten years I have really gotten into the enjoyment of putting the colors together and building what I call a puzzle. I like to go outside my box and try different types of patterns and different types of materials.
After many discussions with my husband and lots of prayer over our decision I was able to purchase my Gammill Optimum Longarm Quilting Machine with Statler Stitcher. I decided on this machine because of the state of the art stitch and design precision, the professional training provided by Gammill, and the pattern choices being so endless so everyone’s taste can be met. The pleasure of seeing a customer’s face when they come in to pick up their quilt is so rewarding.
So, my hope is that I have the pleasure of getting to meet you and that I can see your face when Itching for Stitching completes your quilt.
Thanks for your time!
Melanie Scaife